Difficulties in your partnership or marriage?  Personal therapy can be helpful…

Managing our intimate relationships can be challenging.   How do you keep your own identity and be intimate as well?  Counselling for relationship problems offers you the opportunity to look closely at the difficulties you are having and to consider how you behave in the relationship.  Who you are and your history will inevitably play out and it is useful to have a time and space in which to think about what works for you and what doesn’t so you have a chance to do things differently if you wish.

Many of us have difficulty being clear about what we want and don’t want and this can be a source of conflict between partners.    Therapy offers a space in which to consider who you are and what you want and to learn to manage yourself so you can feel happier and more satisfied in all your relationships.

If you are considering or already doing couples counselling with your partner personal therapy or counselling can be a useful place to think about yourself during the process of considering your partnership.

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