Anxiety Counselling and Managing Panic Attacks

Anxiety symptoms affect many of us day to day and can be mild, such as a feeling of worry or concern, or more dramatic, manifesting as a panic attack or phobia for instance.

Anxiety counselling can help you find ways of dealing with anxiety disorder as it offers you an opportunity to explore the causes of your anxiety,  discuss how you feel, and learn how to manage your feelings by becoming aware of and then adjusting your thoughts so that you can impact your physical and emotional responses.

For instance, it can be instinctive to speed up whatever you are doing when you feel anxious but this can make the feeling and symptoms worse.  If, instead, you are able to slow yourself down as well as breathe more slowly you may feel less anxious.    This can be scary at first and takes practice to learn; it helps to have time and space and a supportive person with you during the process.

Physical symptoms such as a very fast heartbeat, a feeling of being out of breath or poor sleep patterns may accompany the experience of anxiety.  Emotional symptoms of anxiety may include feelings of overwhelm or distress, irritability and a sense of not coping.  You might find yourself turning to food and overeating as a way to soothe yourself.

Therapy offers time and space in which to explore what activities and thoughts trigger your symptoms so that you can, over time, recognise the situations that trigger your anxiety and learn to manage yourself more comfortably and without the symptoms of anxiety or panic attack.   I will encourage you to gain awareness of yourself physically, emotionally and cognitively.

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