What is Beyond Chocolate?

Beyond Chocolate is; a series of ideas and principles that can help you find a comfortable relationship with food and your body, a book by the same name by Sophie and Audrey Boss and an organisation that offers ongoing support and motivation as well as workshops, online tools and information to help you as you address your relationship with food and your body.

Me and Beyond Chocolate

I began working with the Principles personally in 2005.  At the time I really struggled with food, what I should and shouldn’t eat and I felt as though my whole life was spent thinking about food and hating my body.

I found the approach life changing and, alongside my psychotherapy training, decided to train to run workshops myself in 2007.  Since then I have worked with hundreds of women (in workshops and one to one) as they find a way to relate to food in a comfortable and easy way.  If this way of working with your relationship with food appeals to you I can support you to incorporate it either one to one, in a group or at a workshop.

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