If you suffer from Creative or Writer’s Block?

If you feel creatively stuck or that you procrastinate you could be living in a way that is out of tune with your values, have low self esteem, depression or addiction problems. Creativity counselling could help you.

If you are you stressed, mean, angry, depriving to yourself or have so much going on inside your head that there is no room for inspiration to arrive then therapy could help.  Therapy with me offers regular and confidential time for you.  A space in which to speak about what is happening in your life, explore yourself, think about what you want and  find ways to support yourself to live a balanced and creative life.

Take care of your wellbeing so that you have the energy to do the things that give you pleasure and make you feel good.

Maybe you need help in working out what really matters to you in your life and freeing up time for that purpose.  Counselling for Creativity could support you to make your dreams for yourself a reality.

Book a Session

If you would like to make an appointment to meet, fancy a no obligation chat, or have questions about Creativity Counselling and Writers Block and how I might be able to help you please contact me on 07973 783742 or email me at

Useful reading:  The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

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