Counselling for Depression

Feeling depressed is depressing.  Physical symptoms of depression can include the following: crying, irritability, difficulty in concentration and lack of motivation, change in appetite, loss of sex drive, lack of pleasure and enthusiasm, feeling fed up,  poor sleep at night.

Depression is caused by a number of factors and the choices we make day to day really make a difference.  Some choices help us to feel better and some worsen our feelings of depression.

As your therapist I will support you to explore your feelings and choices and learn to challenge unhelpful thoughts. I will offer a regular, confidential and non-judgemental space in which to express your feelings, be heard and gain awareness of what contributes to your depression and how to manage it.  As we continue to work I would anticipate that you will find ways to cope with and overcome your feelings of depression so that you feel better and are able to enjoy life more.

Useful Website

Moodscope is a way of assessing and recording your mood day to day so that you become aware of what helps you and what makes things more difficult.  Created by Jon Cousins it offers inspiring and relevant articles about managing depression.

Useful Reading:

Shoot the Damn Dog by Sally Brampton

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