Therapy for Career Difficulties

If you are feeling frustrated in your job, hate the people you work with or don’t remember why you are doing what you are doing then it’s time to take yourself seriously and think about what you do want.  Therapy for Career Difficulties can support you to do that.

Many of us ‘fall’ into a job or decide to train in a career only to find, some years later, that we are not enjoying the day to day experience of work.  Perhaps you felt under pressure to follow in a parent’s footsteps or wanted to make them proud of you.  Maybe you didn’t know what you did want to do.

If you are working in a job or career that you are not enjoying then your therapy sessions could offer you the time and space you need to work out what you do want to do and how to achieve your desire – to work out what really matters to you and, in fact, who you are.

We spend so much of our day to day lives working that it is crucial for our wellbeing and good health that we work in a way that inspires, stimulates and satisfies us.  If you are inspired to take a step on the path to working in a way that you love please contact me:

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If you would like to make an appointment to meet, fancy a no obligation chat, or have questions about Therapy for Career Difficulties please contact me on 07973 783742 or email me at

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