Bereavement Counselling and Coping with Grief

Death of a Loved One

If you are grieving and looking for support therapy with me could help. Bereavement, mourning and coping with the grief that follows the death of someone we love can be incredibly painful and can precipitate strong feelings of sadness, loneliness, anger and perhaps a sense of unfinished business.

The process of grieving can be hard work and overwhelming at times and you  might experience loss of sleep, confusion, anger and physical symptoms such as exhaustion and pain.    An ongoing relationship with a therapist who listens without judgement and supports you to express your feelings could really help.

Children Leaving Home or The Ending of a Relationship

Events such as these also signal the ending of something and can trigger grief and a sense of loss.  If we have a previously loss not fully grieved it can be reignited at such times.

Working with me

If you would like to make an appointment to meet or have questions about how I might be able to help you please contact me on 07973 783742 or email me at

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