Therapy for Low Self Esteem in London

Do you feel that you don’t value yourself enough, have poor self esteem and little sense of your own worth?   You may want to feel better about yourself and treat yourself well but perhaps don’t know how to.  Self esteem therapy can help you become aware of the patterns and behaviours that contribute to your feeling unhappy with yourself.

Not speaking up for ourselves and letting others control situations in which we have an opinion can also be a symptom and cause of low self esteem.  The way in which we treat and speak to ourselves has a real impact on how we feel and many of us treat ourselves in a way that we would never treat another living creature.

In your therapy sessions we will work to help you become conscious of the way you speak to yourself; of your gremlin or critical voice.  You will learn ways to challenge the critical messages you give yourself, to  appreciate and speak kindly to yourself and value who you are.

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