Therapy for Family Issues

Family life can be stressful and challenging and sometimes you might want support to manage your relationships with the ones you love.  Just because you love someone it isn’t easy, necessarily, to like them or to get on well with them.   Just because parents have children doesn’t mean that they know how to raise them effectively, to bring them up as happy and well functioning members of society as well as the family.

Parents can only do what they can do.   Many have experienced poor parenting themselves and have come from families which are dysfunctional and unhappy.    It is very common for parents to either repeat the behaviour they received as children or to completely reject their own upbringing and go the other way, making mistakes of their own in the process.

Therapy for family issues is not about making anyone wrong but about exploring the issues that you are experiencing and supporting you to gain awareness and make the changes you want in yourself.  The only person we can change is ourself but, in the changes we make, impact others so that they cannot help but change too.  In this way when one member of the family goes for therapy all members of the family can benefit.

I am a wife and the mother of two adult children as well as a daughter, grand-daughter, niece and sister.  I have lots of experience of family life and will support you to explore your own family life.  Therapy offers a confidential, supportive and non-judgemental space and relationship in which to explore ourselves so that we can gain awareness and make changes.

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