Anger Management Counselling

Some people choose to do Anger Management Counselling or Therapy because they feel scared of and don’t know how to manage their anger.   As children many of us were taught that being angry is not OK and consequently have learnt to squash down our feelings.  When we do this over time our feelings become stronger and even more frightening.

Just because we are angry does not mean that we need to be violent, aggressive or damaging in our relationships.  We can learn to express anger safely and privately.  When we do this we are free to communicate in a level and adult fashion.

Anger that is not expressed can lead to problems of violence, relationship difficulty, self harm, over-eating, under-eating, depression, addiction and poor self esteem.

It is possible to learn how to manage anger safely and appropriately; in therapy or counselling for anger management I will support you to explore the situations in which you become angry and help you become aware of your behaviour.

As a humanistic integrative therapist I can incorporate expressive anger work into sessions if we feel this would be useful and appropriate for you.

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If you would like to make an appointment to meet, fancy a no obligation chat, or have questions about Anger Management Counselling and how I might be able to help you please contact me on 07973 783742 or email me at

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