The One Day Beyond Chocolate Retreat – Beyond Chocolate

In addition to offering One to One therapy for women I run a One Day Beyond Chocolate Retreat  twice a year in London for women who wish to find a comfortable and relaxed relationship with food.

You may have already discovered that dieting or restricting what you eat for whatever reason just doesn’t work in the long term…perhaps you are looking for a different way forward.  You may have spent years dieting, cutting back, eating healthily, detoxing – whatever you call it – only to find, every time, that as soon as you return to your usual pattern of eating you regain all the weight you have lost plus some.

This is the vicious diet/binge cycle – for every diet there is at least an equal binge because the more we deprive ourselves of the foods we want the more we crave them and, one day, will just have to have them.  When we do we are likely to binge  – to eat them in a crazed, secret and self-hatred inducing way.

Dieting also fails to help us address the difficult feelings we eat to suppress and so cannot work as a longtime solution to overeating.  It can also lead to ‘eating disorders’.

One approach to finding a happy relationship with food is by experimenting with the Principles of Beyond Chocolate.  These are introduced at the retreat and you can also find them in the book, Beyond Chocolate, by Sophie and Audrey Boss.  They can help you move from the very painful binge/diet cycle to feeling calm, happy and relaxed knowing that you can eat when you are hungry, eat what you are hungry for and stop when you are satisfied.

Combining therapy with using the Principles can be a very powerful way of working towards the comfortable relationship with food and your body you are looking for and I can support you as you do that.   Contact me to discuss what you are looking for and how I might help.

The Retreat brings the Principles to Life…

Introducing the Principles in a fun and inspiring way it offers you the chance of a stimulating and potentially life-changing experience with a maximum of eleven other women in a warm, friendly environment with lovely food.

The One Day Beyond Chocolate Retreat
Saturdays 9.15am – 7.30pm
London NW2
Home-made lunch, tea, coffee and everything you need included
£150 (early bird price £135 until 6 weeks before)
(to book please click the date that you wish to attend)
Saturday 19 October 2013

During this full and inspiring day you will experience the ten Principles in detail using fun and inspiring demonstrations, discussion, games and exercises.   You will meet like-minded women and get a chance to talk about your experience with food and your body in a way that is so different from talking to your friends or colleagues at the office and you will go home knowing what steps to take to incorporate the approach into your life one day at a time.  Great as a way to get started or motivation to keep going…

 “A fantastic day – brilliant, funny, warm people who didn’t judge me as I judge myself.  I was already familiar with the principles, but it really helped bring these to life. The exercises, games and visualisations were informative, well thought out and thought provoking.  The ‘Body Letter’ was an incredible experience.  I recommend Beyond Chocolate to other women because it will change your life… changed mine”.     JH, Kent

“I recommend the workshop to other women because you honestly won’t know how amazing it is until you’ve tried it.  I’d read the book and found it incredibly helpful, but doing this course has really taken it to the next level.  I felt engaged, supported and never alone.” Lucy B, Newcastle upon Tyne

Ongoing Support with Sarah – Working One to One – Face to Face, Skype and Telephone Sessions available

I offer One to One sessions for women who would like support to incorporate this approach in to their lives.  These sessions will be tailored to your requirements and can take the form of motivational and debriefing sessions with discussion about how you are getting on and what you would like to do next if that is what you would like.

We will often move organically into working therapeutically as much of the reason that we overeat stems from our experiencing difficult feelings and not knowing how to manage them.   Please see the therapy/counselling pages of my website for more information and feel free to call me for a chat.

Face to face sessions take place in Islington, N1 or  Hampstead, London NW3. (Please click locations in the sidebar for detailed location and travel information).

What can be very supportive is to come on a workshop and then continue One to One.  Please contact me on 020 8450 1862 or email if you have any questions at all about how I work.


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